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This is a fine pastry with different fillings in the middle. Choose from either strawberry, pineappl..
Fruit Tart
Our delicious fruit tart contains fruit and custard cream, with chocolate covering the tart.  ..
Ham and Cheese Croissant
This twist on a classic sandwich combines ham and cheese in the middle of a delicious, flaky croissa..
Ham and Cheese Empanada
Our ham and cheese empanada is a classic choice that customers relish after ordering. The warm, deli..
Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Looking for a classic and simple snack? Our ham and cheese sandwich is the best around and will leav..
Ham, Cheese, Tomato and Egg Sandwich
For an upgraded version of the classic ham and cheese sandwich, add tomato and egg to create the per..
Honey Alfajor
This pastry is made from 2 honey cookies that are filled with dulce de leche and covered with granul..
Enjoy this decadent layered dessert filled and topped with rich, delicious cream...
Lenguas w/ Azucar Quemada
This is a puff pastry filled with dulce de leche and caramelized sugar on top.  ..
Lenguas w/ Powder Sugar
This is a puff pastry filled with dulce de leche and powder sugar on top.  ..
This is a flaky French pastry in the shape of a butterfly wing. It is dipped in chocolate and covere..
Masita de Chocolate
This delicious chocolate pastry comes from France and is an excellent choice for a miniature treat...
Masita de Leche
This delicious French pastry is covered with dulce de leche for an unforgettable taste...
Masita de Mocha
This is a fine French pastry with a hint of mocha flavoring...
Masita de Peach
This fruity French pastry is infused with peach flavoring and topped with a delicious cream...

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